Services Provided...
All Day Pet Care
Overnight Boarding
Dog Walking
Daily Pet Visits
Pet Taxi
Services We Provide
All Day Pet Care
$20.00 for 1 dog for 1/2 day care
$40.00 for 1 dog for all day care
now $35.00
$55.00 for 2 dogs for all day care
now $50.00
(discount for full time)

Our doggy day care is a great service for dogs that need lots of love, exercise and interaction during
the day.

Overnight Boarding
$50.00 for 1 dog - now $42.00
$75.00 for 2 dogs - now $65.00

We would love to have your pets (dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc.) spend the night with our family.  Sleeping
on dog beds and hanging out with the family.

Dog Walking
$25.00 per walk (discount for full time)
We take your dog out for 45minutes of exercise, with their pals or solo.  -Exercise is customized for your dog's needs,
health and interest.  Includes; running, hiking, swimming and/or field

Daily Pet Visits
$25.00 per visit
We come to your home to walk, play, feed, scoop-poop, clean litter boxes, administer medicine and any other needs
your pets may have.  

Pet Taxi
$10.00 for local trips (one way)
Do you need someone to take your special someone to the vet, groomer, etc.  We have perfect driving records and safe
vehicles (made for our pets).

Pet Party
$100 for a party
Please give us a call or email...
Jennifer and Bill Richardson

Cheryl and Ron Damberger

07) 658-1537

406 Broadway Drive and/or
912 Middlefield Drive, Petaluma, Ca. 94952
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